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All of the following services are available online. A clear advantage of online mastering is that the customer can evaluate our work immediately at his usual listening position. A personal consultation can also be offered, e.g. via Zoom using several cameras. 
A personal presence of the client is possible, but will be charged at our hourly rate (as the work usually takes longer and the client evaluates our work on a listening position that is completely unknown to him).

Analog Mastering

analogue mastering

When it comes to mastering, you rarely hear what music is really about: the artistic message, the effect and the emotionality. Because despite all the technical details ... that is the quintessence of music.


And that's why there is often no real "right" or "wrong". Of course, a crucial part of our work is taking care of the technical details of your work. Loudness (a crucial point nowadays), dynamics (an often neglected point nowadays), frequency response (e.g. how much bass can I still get out at high volume?) and transfer to various platforms (CD, iTunes, spotify, youtube etc.) as well as various listening options (from mobile phones to cars to high-end stereo systems), all these points are taken into account with the highest possible perfection. We also consider the trend towards more high-resolution streaming services to be an extremely positive development and offer suitable solutions for this.


analogue or digital
stem mastering

What is the advantage of this way of working? It can be the perfect solution for clients who are not quite sure about the mixing, who want to improve the tracks or who want to have the individual groups, such as vocals, drums, etc., enhanced in an analogue way. Analogue saturation, Neve EQing and LA2A or VariMu tube comps on the vocals? Tape saturation, API EQ and SSL bus compressor on the drums? No problem. The icing on the cake is analogue SSL summing (SSL Sigma) via the latest Merging and Metric Halo converters for even more punch, stereo width and clarity in the mix. 
However, not all genres benefit from analogue stem mastering. Therefore, we also offer a more cost-effective purely digital stem mastering. Personal consultation is always a good idea.
It should also be noted that stem mastering (whether analogue or digital) is much more time-consuming and labour-intensive and therefore also more expensive.

We also offer high-quality online mixing.

The aim is to create a lively, dynamic overall sound with emotional impact from your individual tracks. As tastes are different, close customer contact is also extremely important here in order to fully fulfil your wishes and ideas.

You have the choice between two options:

a purely digital mix or an analogue mix with digital aids including analogue summing. For a complete production, including mixing and mastering, we always work as a team to ensure the objectivity of the various work steps. As pricing is highly dependent on individual requirements, you will only find rough information under Prices. An order should also be clarified in person. Please simply contact us directly.




In the end, we were asked again and again about all kinds of topics in the field of mixing and mastering and therefore we offer individual workshops and consulting. Often it's the same questions and problems, sometimes completely individual ones. 
This can also be offered online via Zoom, Skype etc. or in person here in the studio.


A personal addendum on the subject of mastering 

"In my opinion, the process of mastering is quite underestimated nowadays (like perhaps the whole art form of music). After all, what is mastering actually about? 
Well, of course, there are often technical corrections to be made and compatibilities to be maintained. That's where an AI or new types of plug-ins can certainly do a great job. 
But what about the essence of the music? The intention, the artistic message and the emotionality? In my work as a mastering engineer, sometimes the "technical error" was exactly what enhanced the intention and underlined the artist's work. 
And self-mastering also remains to be questioned. What is missing is objectivity (as far as one can speak of it at all as a human being), the "second opinion", the review on another, often much more accurate listening situation. And the personal consultation is another very crucial point. In some cases, a slight revision of the mix has led to a much better result than any intervention on my part. Not to mention a learning and experience process for the artist.
But also the artistic input of the mastering engineer, who should always try to enhance the fundamental things of the music as much as possible and transfer them to any listening possibilities. The intention, the artistic message and the emotionality!
And that is exactly what I see as my passion. Every conversion, every piece of hardware, every plug-in and even every cable has been checked, scrutinised and confirmed in (blind) tests countless times by me - and even anew with every new order, in order to guarantee the best possible sound. Hence all the hype about equipment in studios. Only the best is good enough for everyone's valuable, artistic work! I usually had the impression that cheap equipment - but above all the wrong use of it - can virtually suck the emotionality out of the music.
One would like to think that there are more important things nowadays, especially in these times and with the prices for good hardware. I, too, have often asked myself that. But to appreciate, preserve and support the artistic heritage of every person/artist must simply be and remain important!
And another addendum: As in hardly any other field, there is "no right or wrong" in music. Personal taste is decisive, but as mentioned above, so is the intention, artistic statement and ultimately one's own feelings. After all, every person hears differently, purely biologically and mentally. So what is supposed to be right or wrong? And as mentioned, exactly one objective "technical error" can underline your statement and intention.

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