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perfection with soul

Welcome to sonicmastering.

With the experience of more than 20 years in the music business we offer individual mastering, online mastering and stem mastering.
Our main focus is to increase the intensity, the impact and the emotionality of your works, considering all technical aspects such as loudness, dynamics, frequency response and translation to any platforms and listening opportunities. 
A good communication with our customers is very important to us, to realize your wishes and expectations, the 100% satisfaction the goal.
With online processing there is a clear advantage: In addition to faster processing, you as a customer can check our work immediately on your usual monitoring.



Music is our passion for more than 20 years.
The passion to improve any genre of music in its intention, emotionality and impact, consideration all technical aspects such as volume, dynamics, frequency response and transmission to any platform and listening opportunity.


For the mastering process, our aim is to achieve a mixture of technical perfection and the highest possible emotionality. Because despite all the technology ... that is the quintessence of music.


During stem mastering, selected subgroups are processed with hardware and analogue summed with the sound of the real SSL consoles using our Solid State Logic Sigma.



We also offer high-quality mixing.

Our aim is to create a lively, dynamic overall sound with emotional impact from your individual tracks.


"With sonicmastering you feel you are in the best hands!
It was very impressive for me to hear how enhancing such an absolutely professional mastering can be. I am more than satisfied with the final and listening experience and can only recommend sonicmastering. The trusting contact with Patrick and his reliability are also absolutely worth mentioning here. Pure satisfaction! I am already looking forward to the next project!"

—  Edda Ammen

The studio

Impressions from our studio

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